Monday, November 30, 2009

House for demolition

"House for demolition" by Vanessa
Size: 42x30
Media: oil colors on canvas

Not good photo again, sorry!
Something wrong happen with my camera - I think it needs some upgrade. But I am so glad that I finished this "House for demolition"! – Now I can move on to a new one :-)

Plain Air pleasures

Once I used to paint outdoors constantly, but then it was a pause of landscapes which lasted few years. Plein Air is delight, I really enjoy it. It’s never easy task – need to work quick and very accurate, as light is changing rapidly; and also need to be prepared to unexpected changes of weather and interrupting by animals or, more often, by courions people.

I never wrote people’s comments in the past, and that pity because sometimes they are just brilliant! So, I would represent here few pearls from the last week plain air.
Here they are:
      Schoolboys talk between them:
     “… wooow.. Look at it! She painted the house!
      And the scooter!
      And even a laundry! Coool!
      Teenage girl asks me, while seeing me painting:
     “… Is it YOUR painting?”
      Uncle (to me):
      “It’s EVEN very nice (picture)!
     Man asks:
     “Isnt’ your house? So why do you paint it then?”
     Another man:
     “Does somebody asked you to paint it?”

My favorite one, anyway, was: “What is it?”- while seeing me painting.
I guess this people never heared about this kind of acting. They know that pictures are  in the museum, and it's ok for them. ... but what I’m f*ing doing here, in the middle of the street?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

House for demolition - day 5

It was another morning with "House for demolition".
Fragment of the picture below

I think the picture is mostly done, but I want to take it out tomorrow for the last "check up" and may be some work on the roofs at the right side. "Right" light is so short that I do each day a very little improvement.

Today, when I was already cleaning the pallet and packing my stuff, 2 doves fight for the place on the roof of "my house". It could be a beautiful addition on the picture - their wings where spotted with sunlight, and it was much movement. Unfortunately the fight was short - The Looser escape, and The Winner left in a while as well. I don't think that anyone of them was really interested to stay there.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Urban density

"Urban density" by Andre
Size: 42x29 cm
Media: oil colors on canvas
Not for sale

In the morning

"In the morning" by Vanessa
Size: 15x20 cm
Media: oil colors on canvas

House for demolition - day 4
It was my 4th, but not last yet morning of "house for demolition". Meantime I painted another work "on the way". Morning light is amazing, just it's too short and that pity.

Friday, November 27, 2009

House for demolition - day 3

I changed the light in the picture to morning sun (instead of gray day). It means - to paint everything there once again (not completely re-paint, but still lots of additional work to do). Keep fingers for me - maybe I could finish this picture tomorrow? I hope so.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

House for demolition - day 2

"House for demolition" by Vanessa
Size: 42x30
Media: oil colors on canvas
Status: in work

This house will be demolished in the next month! I begun to paint it in cloudy day and I did about 1/3 of work at the first day, but then weather changed to sunny.. ohh.. Now I'm in trouble! I can paint between 7AM to 8:30AM only, when light is similar to "original". It's very short time, and also street at this time is very busy - there are trash machines + intensive traffic to schools and pre-schools in the area, and also people who leaving to work. When the street finally gets calm - sun already here and I need finish my work. I worried if I could to complete this painting before they would destroy this house.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

House for demolition - day 1

I just finished "House No. 9" and felt like continue painting.

The light was perfect for plain air today - rain stopped. Sky kept cloudy, but day was very bright. Soft lightning is rare in our Mediterranean area.

While I was painting house number 9, everyone who passed near, mentioned that the next one in the street (house nu 11) should be destroyed very soon, actually in the next month already. These news forced me don’t delay it, but begin to paint already. So I did.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

House No.9

"House No.9" by Vanessa
Size: 30x21 cm
Media: oil colors on canvas

It was rain all the day!!!
If somebody would be filming my crazy painting at this day – the movie should be funny at least as Charlie Chaplin’s.
I begun to paint in perfect conditions: it was light gray morning with no sun – it rare here! This kind of light supposed to stay constant during all the day hours and it is great opportunity to paint with no stress.

Hah… I’ve been an optimist. Light rain begun to drop in half and hour after the beginning of the work. It didn’t bother me much until my pallet filled with water (water is going well with oil colors!). I took my equipment and moved under the roof – to wait when rain would stop.

Until I was relocating all my (heavy and unconventional) stuff– the rain stopped, and I moved back. Then rain begun and stopped, begun and stopped and begun and begun. Once it was strong enough to force me cut off completely, but when I entered home... it stopped again. Guess what? I returned to the street. Later I was running with pallet under the roof and back – to save it from rain and to return it back when rain was slowing for a while. Then I made a “vertical pallet” mixing colors directly on the board around the painting… I covered turpentine with cloth and then entered brush through little hole. I dried my Sketchbox Easel with towels – like it was a boat, filled with water. I bet that neighbors had fun watching me from the windows!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

House on the corner

"House on the corner" by Vanessa
Size: 30x21 cm
Media: oil colors on canvas

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Garden gate

"Garden gate" by Andre
Size: 11x21 and 14x21 (cm)
Media: oil colors on canvas

There are two pieces right now, but it supposed to be triptich. Will be updated when done.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

House of Dr. Sherry

"House of Dr. Sherry" by Vanessa
Size: 28x20 cm
Media: oil colors on canvas

   I was painting a landscape today - it was refreshing after all the still-life serials. Once I used to paint landscapes regularly - I really love working outdoor, but, for now, I have not painted landscapes for a year or may be even longer. I expected to have some difficulty to return, or, at least change in style; but I was surprised because nothing has changed. It was like putting on my old comfortable shoes.
   Someone wanted to buy it at time I was painting – probably I will agree to sell. I’m not sure yet. Normally I use to store a new painting into the dark room and “forget” it there for a month or so. Then it became “matured” and I can decide its destiny when I see it again with clear eyes.