Tuesday, November 24, 2009

House No.9

"House No.9" by Vanessa
Size: 30x21 cm
Media: oil colors on canvas

It was rain all the day!!!
If somebody would be filming my crazy painting at this day – the movie should be funny at least as Charlie Chaplin’s.
I begun to paint in perfect conditions: it was light gray morning with no sun – it rare here! This kind of light supposed to stay constant during all the day hours and it is great opportunity to paint with no stress.

Hah… I’ve been an optimist. Light rain begun to drop in half and hour after the beginning of the work. It didn’t bother me much until my pallet filled with water (water is going well with oil colors!). I took my equipment and moved under the roof – to wait when rain would stop.

Until I was relocating all my (heavy and unconventional) stuff– the rain stopped, and I moved back. Then rain begun and stopped, begun and stopped and begun and begun. Once it was strong enough to force me cut off completely, but when I entered home... it stopped again. Guess what? I returned to the street. Later I was running with pallet under the roof and back – to save it from rain and to return it back when rain was slowing for a while. Then I made a “vertical pallet” mixing colors directly on the board around the painting… I covered turpentine with cloth and then entered brush through little hole. I dried my Sketchbox Easel with towels – like it was a boat, filled with water. I bet that neighbors had fun watching me from the windows!

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  1. Is it a paradise? Vanessa has a talent to make things miracle. I enjoy colors and light. The stones are warm and a lot of air in this painting.