Saturday, November 14, 2009

House of Dr. Sherry

"House of Dr. Sherry" by Vanessa
Size: 28x20 cm
Media: oil colors on canvas

   I was painting a landscape today - it was refreshing after all the still-life serials. Once I used to paint landscapes regularly - I really love working outdoor, but, for now, I have not painted landscapes for a year or may be even longer. I expected to have some difficulty to return, or, at least change in style; but I was surprised because nothing has changed. It was like putting on my old comfortable shoes.
   Someone wanted to buy it at time I was painting – probably I will agree to sell. I’m not sure yet. Normally I use to store a new painting into the dark room and “forget” it there for a month or so. Then it became “matured” and I can decide its destiny when I see it again with clear eyes.

1 comment:

  1. Olala! Fantastic house which looks like very scenic. No doubt that somebody has bought it already - it's a lovely vision. This perspective makes your view at a neighborhood kind and colorful.