Monday, November 30, 2009

Plain Air pleasures

Once I used to paint outdoors constantly, but then it was a pause of landscapes which lasted few years. Plein Air is delight, I really enjoy it. It’s never easy task – need to work quick and very accurate, as light is changing rapidly; and also need to be prepared to unexpected changes of weather and interrupting by animals or, more often, by courions people.

I never wrote people’s comments in the past, and that pity because sometimes they are just brilliant! So, I would represent here few pearls from the last week plain air.
Here they are:
      Schoolboys talk between them:
     “… wooow.. Look at it! She painted the house!
      And the scooter!
      And even a laundry! Coool!
      Teenage girl asks me, while seeing me painting:
     “… Is it YOUR painting?”
      Uncle (to me):
      “It’s EVEN very nice (picture)!
     Man asks:
     “Isnt’ your house? So why do you paint it then?”
     Another man:
     “Does somebody asked you to paint it?”

My favorite one, anyway, was: “What is it?”- while seeing me painting.
I guess this people never heared about this kind of acting. They know that pictures are  in the museum, and it's ok for them. ... but what I’m f*ing doing here, in the middle of the street?

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