Monday, November 30, 2009

House for demolition

"House for demolition" by Vanessa
Size: 42x30
Media: oil colors on canvas

Not good photo again, sorry!
Something wrong happen with my camera - I think it needs some upgrade. But I am so glad that I finished this "House for demolition"! – Now I can move on to a new one :-)

Here it is.
Photo taken at Dec 2009


  1. Yariv SheizafDecember 06, 2009

    הי סטשינסקים,
    אתם מצליחים להפוך אפילו נוף רמת-גני שגרתי לגלויה יפיפיה

  2. Very sweet neighbourhood! I like the light there. I just read that this house is going to be ruined. what a pity! :-(

  3. Only sharp painter's view can see all this numerous colors and shadows.