Friday, December 11, 2009

Vanessa St Elena?

The second portrait is smaller (16x20 cm only), but it's much more successful painting. It is "another me" - You may to tell that it is not much looks alike, but I really don't care. Andre said that I'm looking there like St. Elena from Byzantine mosaic in Constantinople. Was it a compliment or what?


  1. As long as you don't post my "body" , I will be ok to look at you "crazy" portrait :-))))))
    I love it ,, BTW. Is that how you see yourself?

  2. mm.. yeah, it is probably how I see myself, but it's vary in other days. Actually, I didnt paint myself in the way "I want to appear" or "as I see myself" - I just "copying" what I see in the mirror in current moment, and it's going alone. I want to say: "it draws itself alone", my role in all this is very little.