Friday, December 11, 2009

Self-portrait in hat

Today I was painting (3!) self-portraits. All of them oil on canvas. The sizes are vary. This one (the first one) is the biggest, its size is around 30x40cm and it's about natural proportions.

We use to look for special reason and for "hidden messages" in artist's self-portraits; but most of them, I believe, were painted not because of being narcissist or dare to look sophisticated person for future generations. Definitely they were not my reasons as well! So why I did then? LOL... No one was available to pose for me, and what for sure - no one ever would be so loyal to result. People, while posing, expect to see themselves good-looking. You never can experiment with portraits of others. Self-portrait allows to be a clumsy painter, don't hurry up and just not succeed. Anyway, in this portrait - the first of three, I tried to be nice to myself and even smiled. Hat and scarf should symbol winter time. Yes, it is - December is here, folks!

1 comment:

  1. I look at a smiling face and ask myself: how many SMILING auto-portraits did I see in my life? 2 or 3 maybe... Good for you! Sure it's difficult to keep smiling.