Sunday, August 28, 2011

Butterflies in White Town

"Butterflies in White Town" by Vanessa
Size: 76x76 cm
Media: oil colors on stetched canvas

From Vanessa:
...This white town came from the dream.
I'm familiar there. I know where the dusty street follows.
I stepped into the private yards and once
I was safely hidden in their narrow corridors.
I have met there The One who knew The Answer.
But I forgot to ask him about.
When I have seen my sketches scattered in the dust -
then I understood that it was a farewell.
Then I begun to fault...
I was falling & falling my endless way down -
it was so real and so prolonged,
that I had enough time to think...
...I realized that the only way to escape from crash is to fly.
So, I did...


  1. One of my absolutely favorite !

  2. Me encantan las mariposas!! Precioso Vanessa.

  3. Michelle ImhoffAugust 12, 2014

    lovely ! :-)

  4. Bright butterflies in a white town create feelings of space and freshness. Associated with youth's dreams.

  5. Svetlana BelkovichAugust 16, 2014

    а голубых бабочек я увидела только на этой картинке!!) ура!