Saturday, November 2, 2013

The picture with the story

You probably remember my "House for demolition"

and "Urban density" of Andre. The cityscapes with the house from the neighborhood.

I don't know what about you, but I feel sorry for old buildings that going to be erased. Once upon a time people were creating buildings for living, with more human proportions.

Even it was not an architectural pearl, and not historical heritage, but it was sweet and pastoral house, with messy greenery around, colorful laundry and other signs of human being. 

The building that going to grow up instead of it is completely faceless, inanimate, disproportional to the tiny surface it's going to be composed into.
Almost each modern city I know suffers these faceless neighborhoods of rational architecture, which were erected in time of big need - usually after war or other social, political or natural disaster. I have seen them in London, Rome, Florence,Vienna and Berlin, East Europe and post-Soviet area are all covered with barrack architecture. It exists also in Middle-East.
I can't help - I'm not a big fan of industrialisation.

Being back to our little house - one morning we received letter of sorry for the bother, but the house on side street will be distroyed at (date, time). We planned the day outdoors in hope to escape noise and dust of demolition. When we returned home late afternoon - the house still was there. For a while I wanted to believe that it was cancelled  for any reason. But it was only delay of one day.

Next morning heavy machines entered into the side street where we live. They jammed the road, and angry traffic immediatelly begun agressive beeping - it's the only road leading to the school.
After 8AM the pressure around the school past and they begun to erase in relaxing athmosphere. Bummmmm.... And other bummm...
Annoying sound of crumbling teeth - it's crashing tile-roof.

Cloud of dust...

The living-room

It's no house here anymore.
Nothing personal - just business.

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