Monday, December 19, 2011

The exhibition

We were thinking about the new exhibition lately. For this time it not will be a still-life, but kind of Magic Realism. I mention "kind of" because it's not really it, but Magic Realism is the nearest genre that alike. So it could explain something anyway. Exhibition, if it will happen, will be exposed in February 2012. We will show around 20 paintings, most of them of a big format, painted with oil colors on canvas.

Last Friday we brought all paintings together and tried to compose the groups and "neighborhoods" of the future show. Surprisely it was not easy to manage - being painted in other years, pictures "didn't fit" each other, they "asked" for better conditions: more space and another light. Feeling a bit confused, we left couple of paintings on the walls - just let them get "settled" in our eyes, and we took out other paintings. In few days we got used to see them sharing the wall, and it gives the hope that it can be exposed. The answer is still more negative then positive, but we delay taking decision for a while. It would be great to receive a proposal to show few pictures of this serial, even in group show.

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