Saturday, May 11, 2013

The justification for the crow

"The justification for the crow" by Andre
Size: 90 x 80 cm
Media: Oil on stretched canvas

Oddly enough, the idea or, rather to say the meaning of this painting, emerged when the picture was almost done. The story starts at one summer day while, roller-skating, I have seen a crow carrying in its beak a red ball of sherry-tomato. Black Crow and the red tomato - beautiful, but quite bizarre combination in fact that crows do not eat tomatoes. This image stuck in my memory and later it turned into the canvas.
When painting was almost ready, my son passed in the workshop.
He looked on the picture and suddenly asked: "Do you think that Noah should wait longer?"
Here everything became clear!

Do you remember the Bible story: the flood seem endless and Noah sent a crow for exploration of the land. The crow never came back. Then Noah sent a dove and he returned with an olive branch - a sign that dry land was somewhere close. Since then, the dove's feat got world-famous, once reputation of the crow is bad: an unreliable one.
You don’t need deep culinary knowledge to understand that a tomato, even a tiny one, far more useful for hungry passengers than the olive branch. If you do not believe - try to bite the fresh olive.
Did you try to do? So? What do you think now?

The crow, being a reasonable bird, searched for something useful. Even the search took time (the city down the wing definitely was built after the flood), but he found food. Let's remember that crows live around 300 years. If I would live so long - I will not hurry anywhere as well.


  1. Irina GanzburgNovember 26, 2012

    What a wingspan!!!!!!

  2. Благодаря долгой жизни, ворон стал символом мудрости и одиночества, а образ птицы – это душа человека.

  3. S. BelkovichApril 08, 2013

    "Вороны прилетели?"-весна!!! прям как настоящая!!!! в смысле-живая!) здорово,Андрей!

  4. Spectacular bird, plump and shiny feathers, and flying eagle - a city under the wing and the sea in the реrespective. Very beautiful color composition of black and red with light blue.