Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now also at FB

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Couple of days ago our son - Stasi, got a mood and created an album of our paintings on FB. Practically he did it between two spoons of soup with no spending on it too much time and energy. He said "You don't get a potential of FB" (that's true, we don't get it). We were astonished with immediate wave of reaction. Storm of "likes" almost smashed us, people wrote comments - even the laziest of friends who always were messing with commenting on the BlogSpot and found it complicated, suddenly "awoke" and responded. Wow, it was quite impressive experience and we think to update some more pictures also there. It never will be full description on FB, it purposed to be a fast access to new pieces. Our "home" site is still HERE, as format of blog feels to us more comfortable and more private. No worries: these two blogs ("Step Aside" and "Microcosmoses") will stay alive until we continue to paint.

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  1. Vanessa and Andre are multi-talented painters. It is not surprising that here in Vienna, as is the case in Israel, they have acquired recognition in a circle of highly educated and successful people. There is a constant demand for their work which requires them, during the painting process, to demonstrate extraordinary creativity, energy and focus. They receive enjoyment working at their art, and delivering paintings to their clients.