Monday, February 4, 2013

The resume: never delay your dreams.

Here is the srory.
This morning I began to paint near the abandoned house.
It's right "under my nose", in the neighborhood - I can see their backyard from the window.  Actually, I keep an eye on this house for years, but somehow felt uncomfortable to disturb the old lady that lived there alone. I heared from the neigbours that she was very suspicious to strangers. Anyway, she left this winter and house staid locked, waiting for demolition. Of course the new 5-floors monster will be build instead (and yes, I hate it!) but that's not the point of the story.

Last month was rainy and backyard garden turned into a rain-forest: juicy, blooming, all rustling with hidden animals. I decided to revenge for 15 years (!) of waiting and to make a plain air marathone, painting there daily during the month or so - depends of weather and status of construction site. See above - yesterday I has begun to paint the garden. It's difficult task - garden was overloaded with intertwining, climbing and wet rotting greenery. In 4 hours I complete about half of painting - then day light passed and I returned home. I was full of good spirits about this painting marathone and prepared to run few pictures parallely, switching between them in changing light conditions.

Got up early today and quickly got ready to go.
And then ...
... walls of my apartment begun to vibrate, like it was an earthquake.
Used to life in seismic zone, I really hoped it's just an earthquake and it took additional couple of minutes when I thoughtfully eyed the dining table's legs disperse to the sides. Then my hearing switched on and "... what the hell is this terrible noise?" - I said. I still didn't picture it. With "what the hell" I opened the window and received a hit of dense gray dust directly to my face.

Oh no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!

They crashed "my painting camp" to pieces, into dust, they broke my plans and made the picture forever parentless. Gosh.. the long-term dream was ruined.

Please, don't tell: "I wish it will be my worst trouble", cause I was really upset to tears.
Now I calmed down a little, but I still don't know what to do with this half-made picture. Painting is good and pity to let it down or destroy. It's too complex and not possible to complete it with no natural enviroment.

The doubt.

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  1. From Vanessa: It's a week passed - I still did nothing with this painting. But want to.