Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The pleasant letter

About a week ago, going through blogspot sites, we found wonderful blog of Judy Felker - C R E A T I V E    W O N D E R. Judy's blog is splashing variety of art pieces: different artists, art styles and themes, we can't describe it better then she did:
"What if we spent our time creating beautiful things, looking at all of the beautiful things created by others, and helping others to find creativity in their lives..."
"...My blog has evolved into an international showcase of contemporary art. It is hard to believe how many talented artists are out there in the world today. I would never have known about them if I hadn't started this blog."
It's beautifully not-commercial:
"... I do tend to select the art work that brings about calm feelings to the viewer and the beauty of the world. It is as if I can feel the artists' spirit in the work that I select. Several artists have told me they use my blog for inspiration. Some folks have said they use my blog to relieve stress. I hope that in some way this blog helps artists all over the world to gain recognition as well as help them to sell their work."
Being impressed and pleasured, we dropped a thank-you-letter to Judy, and in couple of days received the answer. Here it is:
Hello Vanessa and Andre,
Thank you so very much for you kind and encouraging email. I'm so very glad that you like the blog. So many artists have told me that they are using the blog for inspiration as well as to find other artists who are out there painting in the world today.

I have enjoyed looking at your blogs too. What a lovely artistic couple you are! I have selected a few of your pieces and will try to include them in my blog sometime soon. I will email you when I do. I need to get back to doing my blog on a more regular basis. I think I just did so much during the first year that I needed a break. But I think break time is over.
All the best to both of you!

Judy Felker Memphis . TN
International Contemporary Art Blog
Over 1000 Contemporary Artists

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