Saturday, April 5, 2014


So, there were two meetings in April 3th and 5th, and I just wanna share with you some photo-reportage of this cool workshop. Oh, yes, it was lot of fun !

It's peaceful and rural corner (park zone) in the city of Ramat Gan (nearby to Tel Aviv) , mostly known for the Zoo (Safari) , for the lake and jogging paths in the park. The National Park is a bird-paradise as well. There are plenty of ducks, geese, swans, parrots and many-many others. Birds are free, with no cages and they are not afraid from people. It's amazing possibility to get close, to see all variety of poses and activities and even to feel the part of the bird community, if you wish to. There are also bird-families with nestlings and so on...

We were sketching during 3 hours each session and at the end of the day each one had a serious stock of sketches. Of course I can only show a little part here.

at 16/04, Wed 14:00-17:00 and 20/04, Sun 9:00-12:00
We'll be sketching about 3 hours again; working on right proportions and movement, with accent of efficient use of raw materials, aiming fast work and cheeky result. I will bring some printed materials with me, which explains bird anatomy and habits.

Choice of drawing tools, techniques and medias is up to you. It can be traditional sketching block / paper and soft pencils, using ink or watercolor, or drawing on your iPad, if you are used to.


  1. המון, המון תודה !
    נהנתי בטירוף!

  2. תמר ואילן וייסApril 20, 2014

    ונסה תודה רבה לך על סדנה מדהימה!
    היה לי תענוג גדול לפגוש את החבר 'ה. למדתי ממך המון!