Monday, May 12, 2014

"THE BLOSSOM" - SUNDAY, 11-05-2014

From Vanessa

I didn't planned to paint today, but morning was too good to miss. So, I grabbed the easel and run to catch the blossom.

I decided to work today with limited palette (less then 10 colors, with no use of some basic, alike: red, orange and black) + single-brush, and I hoped to make it light and airy.

From the first minutes of work I considered it once again : I do NOT like this brand ("Georgian")! Colors have not enough pigment, they can't cover, they are not flexible and mix bad. White is especially annoying: thick and not elastic, hard to work with ! Please remember me do NOT buy them again ever !

Anyway, I managed it in semitransparent way,
trying to go on and keep it bright.

and here leg of my easel folded and all the stuff, include painting & palette with colors, ruined. 
OMG... But well, it was just a little damage, could be worse. 

I was so busy , fighting with bad-quality materials, that didn't took more photos of process. Just believe my confession, that this painting switched to another "direction" couple of times, and , at least twice I thought that "It's done", but didn't actually stopped painting...

Oil on canvas 
40 x 28 cm.
€160, unframed.

Here how it comes, finally. 
Will be glad to receive your feedback, folks.

Your Vanessa


  1. Светлана БельковичMay 14, 2014

    кто буянил?

    1. у этюдника нога сложилась и он рухнул со всем хозяйством. Неприятно, но не смертельно, обошлось почти без потерь.

  2. One of the many hazards of plein air. At least it didn't ruin the painting.

    1. no, this time it was soft-mess I had a I have a memorable scar from another adventure (much more vivid!) , when my easel fell from the roof (I painted watercolor, standing on the roof) > just inside the yard of the mosque, behind their fence , guarding with dogs.....

    2. Oh my goodness that is dedication to your art...

    3. :-D haha.. yessss.. here are years of crashing experience !

  3. Michel DufrasneMay 14, 2014

    j'adore :-)

  4. Lois PougnetMay 14, 2014

    I love this one too for different reasons. You've really got the effect of bright light on the flowers. and the clours are superb

  5. wow!! sooo beautiful, great color combination, love it!!

  6. Marcel GagnonMay 14, 2014

    Très joyeux, j'aime beaucoup, Vanessa xx <3

  7. Lucie Marie FerennoOctober 16, 2015

    All stages are very good . It will be fine to keep each of them .