Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Workshop with kids - selfie

Had a chance to work with group of wonderful kids ( 6 to 10 years old). I decided to give them difficult subject - to paint self-portrait , and we did an exhibition after.
It was very interesting process of thinking and taking decisions.
" I don't want to draw nose ! "
" May I draw myself in hood ? "
" I want it black and white!" 
" I don't want to draw portrait . I'd better will draw an apple"
" I don't need anyone teaching me to draw. I know to draw perfectly"
" Selfie - it's painting of inside"

They were twenty and they kept me full time busy. Too busy to take photos of them  - and I bet there were wonderful shot if I'd be able to do. However, I did few.
"How I make brown color?"
( Coming to me for help ) "Can you please to draw my nose ? But I want it in shape of  L ! "
I found that many kids has kind of complicated relations with their noses and ears. Hmmm... it's interesting why that ? These parts seem not important to them.

 As we started our workshop , the girls immediately separated into the "Group of Ladies Only" and only one little boy was allowed to stay in their matriarchal community . Probably he was a little bro of one of those Amazonas.

This boy in green (on the photo below) had no patience to listen and no interest to participate. Of course he was allowed to manage on his own. I was so fully busy with other 19 kids that didn't mention him drawing aside. When we finished our workshop and I collected their paintings. In the way back I found one more painting on the ground. It was very expressive and colorful and I took it with me. At my return children were watching movie and only the boy in green was playing alone. He has seen me coming with the painting in my hands and said:
"It's my painting, but I confused the direction ( was asked to do it horizontal) , so I threw it away."
"Never mind" - I said. "It's very expressive and I like it"
"I look here as a monkey" - he said
"No, not at all. It needs a little fixation and it can be wonderful work" - and I showed him how to fix some minor problem there. Suddenly he got a mood to fix it himself and to add some more details.

I was observing with interest - he really was deeply into it !