Saturday, August 8, 2015

Normandie : Cabourg , Dives-Sur-Mer and Houlgate

We loved Normandie!

Every day at 5pm huge ebb . Sea is sucked inside , leaving crabs and shells on the wet sand. Ponds mirroring the sky . Everything is light-blue , calm. Brave French dressed very light , barefoot , children are splashing in ponds.

No matter how hard you try to do it well - selfie always looks a bit silly ! ( Photo above)

Lois and Andre are painting the ebb. Half an hour earlier the sea was here ! ( Photo below)

Ebb Calm The coast of Normandy.
© ANDRE STASHINSKI 2015 - in Cabourg, Normandie, France

Vanessa is painting the sunset from the balcony with new-brand watercolors . There are dots of DANIEL SMITH . Great quality ! Thanks to mom and mom's friends who brought it from States.

Here are Lois and us together . Phillipe was photographing . "Big Hair" - he said.

And here is another try to capture all four of us, together in one shot. Made lot of laugh doing this

What a lovely place !

Very nice church , and also it was useful - we hided from the rain under the arch !

Painting is almost done ...

HOULGATE and around it

Houlgate is rainy town. It's shiny and sunny , and then switches to the rain with no any warning.
Next photos are about : (1) the rain in Houlgate, (2) We escaped inside cafe because of rain ( 3) sketching in rain , etc.

And then the rain, thanks God, stopped for a while - and we are sketching outdoors !
Philippe was the project manager !

Each time we went to the fores - rain started again ! It took 3 attempts ( in 3 different days) to reach it with no storm , but we did ! Hurrraauu !

Beautiful in it's minimalism 12th century church of Notre Dam in village Auberville. We came in the sunny day , said "wow, awesome" and run to paint . In less then an hour 'the typical Normandie weather" switched to the serious storm . Happily church was opened and they invited us inside. It was an exhibition of ritual garment - embroidery and handmade ornaments, etc.
The rain passed and "our light" passed. We had to return another day - to complete our paintings.

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