Friday, September 18, 2015


I bet, when I say "Versailles"- you think about the palace and gardens, you think about imperial schick. Don't you ?

So, Versailles is a city . Yes, expensive and stylish , but still this it alive, big , busy place where people live and work. Two train stations , buses , tracks, emigrants of all sorts, road works, etc. etc.
Man, not sure it was a good idea go to paint in the market square in market day. We found ourselves in the center of boiling pot - bikes, bicycles, cars, police, gypsies, tourists, moms with babies, office clerks at lunch time, tourist crowd with maps and opened mouths, Japanese tourists with cameras, people carrying grocery from the market in wheeled bags, transport, loudly signaling in traffic jams ... And in the center of all this mess , shrouded by exhaust fumes, deaf from alarm signals and bustle , keeping tight-tight to the wall - we were all day doing aquarelle there .

I feel it was worth the effort. Will be very glad to hear what do you think.

"A La Gaite"
Watercolor on 300gr Canson

This one was painted on comission. The owners of A-La-Gaite are owning also the painting now . I was quite happy with result and felt a bit of sorry to give the painting to them.

Restaurant "Au chien qui fume" .
watercolor, 20 x 40
Guardi artistico torchon 300 Gr

"Au chien qui fume" in English sounds sort of "( The place of/ belongs to) The Smoking Dog. Nice name, isn't it ? :-)
If you are watching picture carefully - you will see the sculpture of the dog with pipe in the mouth on the corner of the building .


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  2. Wonderful works .
    Your "smoking dog" made me smiling :-)
    thanks !